The genesis of EUME

EUME is an indispensable asset in the world’s urban jungles. These superbly crafted, technological game changers marry style and functionality, in a tough, comfortable, and reliable product, that’s not just incredibly good looking, but also deadens much of the stress of carrying heavy loads. EUME prides itself in adding immeasurable value to people’s lives, both aesthetically and functionally.

The philosophy


Improving people’s lives through the innovative application of technology is at the very core of EUME ’s brand philosophy.


Simplicity and functionality are attributes that EUME meticulously lays emphasis on while creating each product.


EUME offers premium quality and design at an affordable cost, making it a product for anyone and everyone.

Meet Naina Parekh

Founder / Director

Naina Parekh, was responsible for visualizing and conceptualizing EUME’s most recognizable feature, i.e. the massager. Her flair for creativity is strongly complemented by her prowess as a problem solver and attributes that have won her many notable accolades, including a chapter in the book ‘Awaken the Magic Real Stories of Love, Hope and Inspiration’, which was released by former Indian Vice President Hamid Ansari. Naina attributes much of her success to her inspirational teaming with husband Sanjay, which propels her to use her creativity and unique perspective to make invaluable contributions to bolstering the business.

Meet Sanjay Parekh

Founder / Director

An engineer by vocation, but brand-master by profession, Sanjay Parekh’s penchant for innovation, and drive for perfection, led him to his brainchild- EUME. Sanjay transformed the action-packed concept behind its flagship backpack into a tangible product through sheer force of will, coupled with his expertise in cutting edge technology. He inherits his uncompromising drive for quality from his father, and this passion for detail and excellence is evident in every single EUME backpack. Working in sync with his wife Naina Parekh, Sanjay complements her creative vivacity by molding her revolutionary innovations, and taking EUME to greater heights of success.

Meet Vaishali Jain


Vaishali Jain, an entrepreneur is advisor/promoter of EUME USA. She has worked with multiple start-up companies and currently running a Digital IT services company with focus on Retail and Consumer products. She is helping in guiding and promoting the product in US.