EUME Protect+ 95 Reusable Face Mask in Blue (Pack of 3)

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Pollution Resistant, Dust Resistant, Bacteria Resistant - Reusable mask upto thirty gentle hand washes - Comes with a 4 ply shield for personal respiratory protection.- A soft, lightweight, comfortable and easy to wear mask which is suitable for Outdoor Walk, Travel and Commute, Biking, Cycling, Police/Traffic/Security and Delivery Personnel, Work, School. - Has a high performance and easily breathable fabric allowing no suffocation for the users.

4 ply shield mask which protects you from saliva droplets released when someone sneezes or coughs and is non-irritating to the skin - Permits air passage & harms no stimulus to human skin. - Precautions: - Wash your hand properly before wearing and removing the mask, wash after every day use - Store the mask in a dry place and away from sunlight - For Individual use only - Change the Mask if there is difficulty in breathing, Mask need to be discarded after 30 washes.

Reusable Mask with 4 Ply protection, Suitable for: Outdoor Walk, Travel and commute, Biking, Cycling, Police/Traffic/Security and Delivery Personnel, Work, School. Soft, lightweight, comfy and easy to wear, Effectiveness for 30 Days

Protects from saliva droplets released when someone sneezes or coughs, Non-irritating to skin, Permits air passage & harms No stimulus to human skin.

Wash Care: Dip and Soak, Do not Bleach, Do not Tumble Dry, Do not Iron, Do not Dry Clean, Do not Wring, Drip Dry.

Warning: 1. Instructions should be followed as recommended 2. Improper usage of the mask may risk health.

14 cm
18.5 cm
14 cm
3.5 g
  1. Nilkanth
    Best Mask Ever ! Cool and comfy
  2. Sanjay
    the mask is good as its govt certified unlike other mask which are small and non certified , i bought set with discounted prices
  3. Gaurav G
    The material is nice. Its size is covering face properly , breathable also
  4. Vinay A
    The mask itself is perfect fit and the straps are also comfortable as its fitting from head , no stress on ear lobes
  5. Aryan
    Exellent quality. Soft on ears. Nice filter.
  6. Armaan M
    Excellent mask.Its with double filter. The inner fabric is very soft and comfortable to wear. Will order more.
  7. Surya G
    I am paramedic staff i use to wear N95 mask but it use to leave my face full of perspiration , no doubt that the protection is higher but this mask is really good its sweat proof.
  8. Jacob Fernandes
    Inside cloth is really comfortable to wear , it absorbs sweat which is good
  9. Raul S
    Nice looks and fit quite fashionable
  10. Raju K
    Red color my daughters favorite so, i got it for her
  11. Kimberly
    Good one eume !
  12. Arun H
    Timely delivery which was important for me , i got it 2 days
  13. Manasi
    Accha product hai , i have washed it 10-15 times still its looking good
  14. Sahil
    Value for money go for 3 ka pack its cheaper ;)
  15. Thomas
    I can hang it around the neck when its not required that way its comfortable :)
  16. Malcom F
    I have reviewed all the mask which i bought till now , must say the protection this one offers comparatively is higher than other available masks similar to N95 . as so many layers of filters for safety.
  17. Sumit M
    Good product for this price
  18. Patil B
  19. Desai V
    Its as described i ordered few mask previously from amazon , but this ones quality is incomparable to what i been using
  20. Kirangi S
    Who is going out in lockdown , but yes will definately need this once its over , so i got a set of 3 for my family it really good quality material but donno how much it will last .
  21. Panchal B
    I got this mask as it Govt Approved material , just to be on safer side
  22. Veer Malhotra
    Elastic is adustable as its wore from head unlike other mask , really comfortable for long time use
  23. M Das
    Nice Fit and Good Quality go for it !
  24. Chirag B
    Good quality and can be use easily... Safe and Good..
  25. Mike W
    Delivery was delayed , but the product is good
  26. Chetan D
    The mask is of very good quality.We sweat a lot after wearing any mask for long time but the antiperspirant EUME mask is really good absorbs sweat efficiently and best thing is you can wash it post use. Covers nose and mouth effectively. I got discount on 5 pcs set.
  27. Silveira
    Made with good quality materials. However the design and shape is fantastic fits so perfectly as tailored The mask is so big enough to covers ones face properly .
  28. Priya J
    I have received the same shown in picture and it fits quite well. Have a round face and yet you can see it fits from Nose to Chin. Will do recommend this as cloth looks quite good along with straps.. #staysafe.
  29. Prathamesh K
    I have washed this to test the product as i received it , trust me its one of the best mask i have got till now .
  30. Mayur M
    Excellent quality , delivery was also prompt
  31. Angel M
    Good one ! go for it gurl
  32. Rahul
    Amazing quality price also cheaper , i have used for last 10 days , and happy as protection seems to be good .
  33. Meenakshi
    I brought the 3 pack set as it was cheaper , for my family , i bought it coz it is certified and approved.
  34. Rocky J
    My daily gear in this lockdown period :), good for daily use
  35. Shweta
    Nice product , good quality product and plus its safe unlike other masks in the market which are cheap and no filters at all.
  36. Jason M
    Comfortable fit , and is nice for long time use .

What is Coronavirus?

  • Coronaviruses are a large group of viruses which cause illnesses in animals and/or humans. In humans, several coronaviruses are known to cause respiratory infections ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases such as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS). The most recently discovered coronavirus causes coronavirus disease called COVID-19.

What is Covid-19?

  • Covid-19 is the infectious disease caused by the most recently discovered coronavirus. This new virus and disease were unknown before the outbreak began in Wuhan, China, in December 2019.

Can the EUME Protect+ 95 Mask protect you from Covid-19 and other coronaviruses?

  • No mask can guarantee you 100% protection against the coronaviruses; however, we have been tested and gotten our filters approved with >95% Bacteria Filtration and Particle Filtration Efficiency

Can we wash the EUME Protect+ 95 mask?

  • Yes. The EUME Protect+ 95 mask is wash friendly, however we need to make sure to not wash hard, tumble dry, or put it into a washing machine.
  • To clean the mask, simply take a wet sanitized cloth and clear the inner and outer most layer of the mask. Further, you could soak the mask for a short period of time in water.

How to wear the product?

  • Make sure to put the around-the-head straps properly. For this, simply put one strap above your ear, and one below, and comfortably wear the mask.
  • You should also adjust the nose clip after wearing the mask to ensure there is no gap left near your nose from where droplets, particles or other organisms may enter or exit

What is the 4 Ply Protection that the EUME Protect+ 95 mask is offering?

  • The EUME Protect+ 95’s first layer is a cotton mesh fabric, that offers a breathing friendly filter that captures microns
  • The second layer is a SITRA approved (governing agency) Melt Blown filter that has a BFE and PFE of >95%
  • The third layer is a SITRA approved Spun Bond (SSMMS) which itself is made up of 5 layers itself. Each S stands for Spun Bond and each M stands for Melt Blown.
  • The fourth layer is a breathable cotton fabric that will be touching the face of the user. The cotton fabric will allow super easy breathability, and ensure that there is no heat build-up around the face even if the user where’s the mask for long periods of time

Where and when should I wear this mask?

  • You should wear this mask every time you step out in the open.
  • Always have the mask on

Where should I keep the mask if I need to open it for a short period of time?

  • The EUME Protect+ 95 mask comes with an around-the-head strap, which means that if you require to remove the mask for activities such as, but not limited to, eating or drinking liquids, you could easily push the mask down and keep it near your neck without the mask falling this is 100% more safer than the ear-loops, where you would ideally have to remove the mask and keep the mask on an external surface where the particles or germs may enter or exit the mask, making it unsafe for yourself and everyone around you