Can I Lock My EUME Backpack

We recommend you secure your bag with a cable tie (where you would normally place a padlock), as a cable tie can be cut away without damaging the bag if your shipment needs to be inspected.

How many variants available?

There are Seven different types of EUME massager backpacks currently available in different colour options . The Classic Pack, The Daily Backpack, and the Travel Pack.

What is the capacity of this product?

The basic backpack range is from 20Ltr to 40 Lts .The Classic Pack has a volume of 26 litres, while the Daily Backpack and the Travel Pack have capacities of 27 and 40 litres respectively.

Which power bank do I need to use?

EUME’s back massager is compatible with all standard USB-enabled power banks for ideal use we suggest you use a Powerbank with 2 usb ports and 5000-1000 MAH capacity (AUTO), regardless of the brand.

Do I get a power bank with every backpack?

No, you have to purchase power bank separately of your choice.

How do I connect the power bank ?

The power bank can be connected inside the major compartment of the backpack with a dedicated section to hold the powerbank and necessary cables to help enable the back massager functionate with a standard USB cables. For a demo video you may visit the below link.

How much power does the massager consume?

The massager consumes approximately 1000 mAH of energy. That provides about 1 hour of massage. We recommend using a power bank with a capacity of at least 10000 mAh.

Is it safe to pass through the security scanners at airports?

Yes. The backpack has been tested across several airports around the globe (Chicago, Amsterdam, Mumbai, Delhi, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Paris, Philadelphia, New York, Hong Kong, Bangalore and the list is long ) and there have been no problems whatsoever. It complies with all safety procedures! and its a AIRPORT FRIENDLY BACKPACK